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  • Please be advise if Monroe Public Schools are closed or dismiss early for a weather related situations, we will also be cancelling programming and activities as well. For up to date information you may call our information/cancellation hot line at 1:00 pm daily at 203-339-6106. 
  • If you do not see a program or activity listed in our offerings this means we are not able to provide that service at this time. We will continue to add additional offerings when we can secure building space and staff required to run the various programs and activities. We are very sorry in advance that some past offerings may not be able to occur. Keep checking back our website and make sure you have an account with us that has a valid email address associated with it that you check regularly so when we send out updates you will be informed. (9/1/23)

  • To access your receipts for tax purposes, please follow instructions found HERE

Welcome to the Town of Monroe Parks & Recreation Department

Reasons to register when a program becomes available on-line right away! 
Many classes are very popular and people know that in order to get a spot, they need to register early. But there are also reasons to register early for classes that don't usually fill up.  All of our classes are self supporting and we must reach minimum enrollment for a class to run. There is a point (usually about a week before the program is due to start) that a program must be cancelled if there aren't enough people registered. Very often people want to register after the program has been cancelled. If the registrations were done earlier, in most cases, the program would have run. All programs require a high level of coordination often including facility scheduling, staffing, and purchasing of supplies. So, if you know you want to take a class, please register early. Then everyone will get a chance to participate. (11/6/23) 
Requests must be submitted in writing. They will be prorated and $10 processing fee is withheld from each program withdrawal. The balance will be applied to your household account to use for a future program. If the refund is due to medical reasons, a full refund will be issued as long as your request is accompanied by a doctor’s note. If the Parks and Recreation Department cancels a program a full refund will be issued. The Monroe Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to change schedules/locations as necessary and cancel programs due to insufficient registration or lack of instructor(s).
Administrative Office Hours: Mon-Th 8:30am-4:30pm, Fri 8:30am-1:30pm
Phone: 203-452-2806
Address: 7 Fan Hill Road
Our office is closed the same dates/times as the Town Hall building messages through email and phone will be returned when they during work week. 

January, February: 7:30am-4:00pm (Pool side and Lake side)
Second Sunday in March, April, May: 7:00am-sunset (Pool side and Lake side)
Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day: 7:00am opening, sunset close at the lake side, 9:00pm close pool side
September, October: 7:00am-sunset (Pool side and Lake side)
November, December: 7:30am-4:00pm (Pool side and Lake side)

GATES GET LOCKED at specific closing times listed above. Plan accordingly.
During inclement weather there maybe delays in opening park to allow staff to clear away snow or other debris.
When visiting the park or participating in programs use the following address to enter:
285 Cutlers Farm Road (Pool Side)
454 Purdy Hill Road (Lake Side)

We reserve the right to change these hours and lock gates at anytime due to weather, programming or other unforeseen circumstances.